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Our firm began in 1986 as a technology consulting practice.  After a few years of working with some of the largest organizations and the most advanced technology of the day, we recognized that the values and goals of our large corporate clients did not necessarily align with our own.  We also recognized that technology was useless to the organization without also understanding the needs and capabilities of their people.  In 1990, a major shift in our practice added strategy facilitation and leadership development processes to the mix.  Because our value set and focus on long-term sustainability often did not match the thinking of publicly held corporate clients, we also moved to work exclusively with organizations who:

In 1996, we added a suite of psychometric assessment tools for business from several of the most prominent developers in the industry to enhance our ability to help clients know themselves more clearly and help us diagnose organizational culture.  Now with over 25 years of experience in applying and interpreting these instruments, we offer a fully balanced ability to facilitate lasting and meaningful changes in our clients’ organizational and personal lives.

In addition to helping our clients, we take our own medicine.  Recognizing that lasting change is often evolutionary versus revolutionary, we have evolved our firm using the same tools and techniques we use with our clients.  This process also led us to develop our Vision and Operating Principles below.  We use them daily to guide our operating decisions and select the engagements we accept or decline.

Our Vision

Guiding Organizations to Higher Achievement

Our Operating Principles

  1. We believe that tremendous gains will be achieved as people tap into and use their God-given talents
  2. We are bound by sound ethics and act in the best interest of our Clients and their Stakeholders.
  3. We accept only those engagements where we can collaborate with our Clients to achieve a positive, measurable return, and where our Clients are as committed to their own success as we are to helping them achieve it.
  4. We make commitments and take responsibility for completing them.
  5. We practice honest feedback and develop one-to-one relationships that are built on “win-win” principles.  We apply our knowledge and integrity to develop a joint venture mentality.
  1. We take our Clients’ problems and needs seriously.  Our driving commitments are to exceed their articulated expectations and create delighted clients.
  2. We are passionate about talent.  Our commitment is to continue to develop so that we can behave in ways that enable others to develop themselves more fully.
  3. We are responsible corporate citizens.  Our commitment to the Communities in which we operate is to contribute time, financial, or leadership capabilities to organizations in which we have an interest.
  4. We aggressively seek ways to collaborate with each other and contribute to the organization as a whole.
  5. We behave so that the World is a better place because of our contributions.

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