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Trusted Insight and Advice…

Celebrating 36 years of Client Service and Value

We work exclusively with closely held businesses and community-based not-for-profit organizations facilitating progress in the following areas:

Organizations and their owners go through phases of growth and transition repeatedly over their lifetimes.  Goals and objectives evolve; customers, markets, and technologies change.  It’s not unusual for even the best organizations to lose focus.   We assist them in building vision, focus, clarity, and consensus, achieving new levels of business and personal performance as a result.  We are skilled in the following areas, among others:

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Values and Ethics
  • Owner’s Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Team Dynamics

The long-term sustainability of our clients is important to us.  Too frequently, we see gaps between market opportunity and revenue generation and/or visibility into costs and overhead.  Either or both will drain an organization of its vitality and ability to compete.  Our goal is to help clients build sales and marketing skills and common-sense budgets and controls.  We are skilled in the following areas, among others:

  • Consultative Selling
  • Network Development
  • Customer and Employee Surveys
  • Budget Building
  • Team Management

An organization’s people are its greatest asset, but sometimes its greatest frustration.  Growth and evolution can dilute the original vigor if good teamwork is not encouraged and nourished.  Being able to read the culture and keep it positive and enthusiastic are key to ongoing success.  We are skilled in the following areas, among others:

  • Organization and Team Assessment
  • Alignment and Focus on Common Goals
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Attracting & Retaining the Best Talent
  • Pre/Post Employment Assessment Systems
  • Management Development

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